Tech In Japan: Stop And Smell The (Virtual) Roses


  • Virtual Reality (VR) is extending beyond visual and audio.
  • Video game industry development of smell VR might benefit from commercialization in physical retail and e-commerce.
  • There are a couple of investable companies with smell VR technology that should be followed.

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The Opportunity in Japan

At this point exploring our site you’ve probably seen a lot of nice verbose rhetoric with plenty of adjectives describing how attractive we think Japanese stocks are.  If you are as skeptical as I am though, you’d think that’s a load of BS until we substantiate it with some data and logical arguments.

We did introduce an argument in our first article and About page where we said there is no natural buyer for Japanese stocks, but until now, that’s been about it.  Not very compelling.  This article will attempt to introduce the case for Japan.

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Brian here. This being our first post, I want to cover a few basic things:

  • What is Kenkyo Investing?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • Who are we?

We’ve included a lot of this information in the “About” section on the site, but I’ll go into a bit more detail here.

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