What is Kenkyo Investing?

We are a research service that provides investment analysis on underfollowed opportunities in the Japanese stock market.

How does Kenkyo Investing find underfollowed opportunities?

Thanks to a history of scarce resources and abundant natural disasters, Japanese culture has a unique focus on efficiency and durability.  We start our research process by scouring Japanese-language news sources to identify companies that translate this uniquely Japanese paradigm into a differentiated approach to business. Next, we dig into factors like company history, industry dynamics, competitor strategies, financial strength, return metrics, and valuation. Finally, we figure out whether a company is an actionable opportunity; if not, we’re content to sit back and let the valuation come to us.

Our top ideas are delivered to Kenkyo Premium members in bi monthly Premium articles as well as a detailed monthly Kenkyo Japan newsletter issue. Most other ideas are provided for the public to see. We also selectively accept commissioned research requests.

For more information on Kenkyo services, please see the Services page.

Who runs Kenkyo Investing?

My name is Clayton Young. I was born in the US, raised in Japan, and completed college and an MBA in the US. Today, I consult for small businesses and research Japanese investments here on Kenkyo.

Please feel free to contact me here or add me on LinkedIn.