Tech In Japan: Augmented Reality Keeps Construction Industry Focused On Cutting Once


  • With Japan’s population decline, a labor-intensive Japanese construction industry is facing a labor shortage.
  • Japanese construction companies are looking at augmented reality (AR) to eliminate labor waste.
  • The Japanese construction industry has an opportunity to convert labor shortage problem into fuel for AR technology advancement.

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Tech In Japan: Stop And Smell The (Virtual) Roses


  • Virtual Reality (VR) is extending beyond visual and audio.
  • Video game industry development of smell VR might benefit from commercialization in physical retail and e-commerce.
  • There are a couple of investable companies with smell VR technology that should be followed.

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Tech In Japan: Panasonic’s Next Gen Home And Community

  • Panasonic is exploring what the next generation of homes and communities look like.
  • Logistical integration, sharing, and communication play a major role.
  • Investors can gain from innovations produced out of Japanese population problems.

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Tech In Japan: Take Your Toilet To The Cloud


  • The IoT movement has inspired a couple Japanese companies to take your toilet to the cloud.
  • Early detection and preventive care has become the name of the game in the healthcare industry.
  • Japanese toilets will save Americans a lot of money, if Americans would open up to bidets.

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Google Sheet for Global Stocks (Version 2)


  • This post covers the updated Google Sheet for Global Stocks, the original post can be found here.
  • The updated sheet provides the ability to have a “base currency value” for global stocks.
  • Enjoy! (version 2)

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The Opportunity in Japan

At this point exploring our site you’ve probably seen a lot of nice verbose rhetoric with plenty of adjectives describing how attractive we think Japanese stocks are.  If you are as skeptical as I am though, you’d think that’s a load of BS until we substantiate it with some data and logical arguments.

We did introduce an argument in our first article and About page where we said there is no natural buyer for Japanese stocks, but until now, that’s been about it.  Not very compelling.  This article will attempt to introduce the case for Japan.

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