Thanks for visiting my website! In addition to posting my research here, I now provide freelance research services to Japan-interested investors.

My Brief Background

I am a Japanese-American who grew up in Japan to a Japanese mother (English teacher) and Japanese stepfather (auto mechanic). As a child, my mother would ignore me if I spoke to her in Japanese. Hence, I am now fluent in both English and Japanese.

After high school, I moved to the US for college on a 6-year bachelor degree program (I dropped out a couple of times). Then, I raced through graduate school and hustled through a brief corporate career before I tried my hands in small business. The small business sent me over to the Philippines, where I now reside. I continue to have minor involvement with the company, but spend most of my time researching Japanese equities now.

During my college days, a good friend of mine introduced me to value investing (2012-ish). Since then, I’ve been studying the likes of Howard Marks, Marty Whitman, Charlie Munger, and others. In late 2014, I started writing about US equities on Seeking Alpha periodically. In 2016, I started working my way into Japanese equities, where I discovered my niche.

Through my various jobs, I’ve had exposure in the retail & industrial supply chain, construction, and food processing industries. Additionally, living in three different countries has challenged my life’s paradigms in many ways. Positively put, this has characterized my thinking into what most would consider “different”.

If you enjoyed reading my reports and could find a good use for my mother’s Spartan education and my odd background, please reach me through the contact page or send me an email at:

clayton [at] kenkyoinvesting [dot] com