Thanks for showing interest in my first newsletter! Let me tell you a little bit about it:

The value proposition

Japan is the land of short term traders. More importantly, the Japanese market is full of undiscovered gems. The opportunity set is even more attractive when looking into mid & small caps. Unfortunately, Japanese mid & small caps have limited to no English information available. This is where my Kenkyo Japan Newsletter comes in.

What my newsletter brings to the table is an American value mindset with a side of Japanese fluency (Japanese is my mother tongue). This combination will introduce subscribers to a new set of investment opportunities that were previously unavailable.

What you will get

My commitment to you is one newsletter issue each month. The newsletter will cover one Japanese company (most likely mid / small cap). The idea is to build a portfolio of high quality Japanese companies, then wait for valuations to come to us. Thus, the newsletter won’t always come with immediately actionable ideas. Eventually, however, the newsletter should come in handy when the price is right.

Here is a sample issue.

When you will get it

The newsletter will be sent out on the last day of every month.

Let’s talk money

The subscription price is $99 per month. I noted that my commitment to you is one newsletter issue a month. Eventually, I’d like to go beyond that – like adding a forum, more posts, etc. That said, Kenkyo is a one-man show, and it may take a while before extras come to fruition.

FYI, subscribing to the newsletter will not give you access to previous issues.

Refund policy

Once the newsletter is issued, there are no refunds. However, if you are having second thoughts before the newsletter is issued, please reach out to me through the contact page and I will gladly issue a refund 🙂

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