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Most western investors tend to take the Graham-esque net-net approach in the Japanese market. Kenkyo, on the other hand, focuses on the intersection of quality and value. The companies we research usually won’t show up on deep value stock screens and the language/cultural barriers often make them difficult for Western investors to source or understand independently.

While we publish some of our content publicly, our best research is reserved exclusively for subscribers.  Kenkyo Premium Membership benefits include:

  • Newsletter

An in-depth research report on one company at the beginning of each month, typically covering business strategy, financial analysis, competitor analysis, industry dynamics, and valuation.

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  • Premium Articles

Minimum of two monthly articles exclusive to Kenkyo Premium members. Potential topics include interesting companies, thoughts on an industry, or updates on previous posts.

  • Member Forum

The member forum is a platform to keep track of companies covered on Kenkyo Investing. Members can ask questions, find updates, and share their own research.

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Commissioned Research

We selectively accept commissioned research on a per project or contractual basis.