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What Professionals Say About Kenkyo

Julien Faure

Portfolio Manager, Amiral Gestion

Kenkyo Investing applies an analytical mindset and a deep understanding of Japanese culture to find undervalued, attractive niche companies in Japan.  Its unique comments on companies, which nobody really bothers writing about, is a true help for stock pickers in a stock market as wide as Japan.  Much of the contents on companies are simply not available in English, so foreign investors are at a disadvantage.  But Kenkyo helps close this gap.  The Kenkyo Investing subscription is definitely a must-have.

Brian Grosso

Portfolio Manager, JBF Capital

Kenkyo Investing is a must for crossing the language divide.  It makes the world’s second largest equity market investable for anyone with a laptop, brokerage account, and English fluency.  English information on Japanese stocks is just the beginning though.  A subscription also gets you insights, best ideas, and short lists of quantitatively attractive stocks.  I have been investing in Japan for years, struggling through Google Translate and Japanese websites just to figure out what a company does and what its profits are.  Kenkyo Investing makes that process so much easier and no other service like it exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "report" and what exactly is included?

A: A report is an investment research report covering a single listed Japanese company. Each report provides a brief introduction, operating business description, shareholder overview, and fair value estimate to help you make an investment decision.

Q: How do you select which companies to research?

A: We go through value-based screens and pick one company. This includes Ben Graham style NCAV screens and Joel Greenblatt-style Magic Formula screens as well as our own combination of screens that take shareholder return efforts into consideration.

Q: How many reports will I get each month?

A: You can expect to receive two research reports each month. The aim here is not to provide you with immediately actionable investment opportunities, but to help you build awareness of company quality so you can take action when the price is right.

Q: How precise are the valuations provided in the reports?

A: Our valuation focuses on directional accuracy rather than decimal point precision. Some factors under consideration include industry characteristics, business model, the market power of products or services, shareholder structure, management quality, and asset quality. With that said, the main purpose of the report is to help you grasp company quality so you can confidently perform valuation work and take action when the price is right.

Q: What am I getting with the free membership (i.e., Kenkyo Essentials)?

A: You'll get access to all reports published in the last 90 days, completely free. No credit card or bank account info needed. Just sign up and access the reports. If you like what you're reading, then consider supporting us by upgrading to Kenkyo Plus!

Q: How often are your stock screens updated?

A: The stock screens are updated every weekend.